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Police Seek Clues on Anniversary of Disappearance

 Police Seek Clues on Anniversary of Disappearance

(KFYI News) – Tempe police are hoping the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of a valley college student will prompt more people to come forward with clues that might help solve the mystery.

19-year-old Adrienne Salinas, a student at Gateway Community College, disappeared early on Father's Day morning last year.  Police say she had hit a median with her car on Rio Salado Parkway while trying to drive from her apartment near the ASU campus in Tempe to her boyfriend's apartment in Scottsdale.  She abandoned her car and returned to her nearby apartment, where she called a taxi company and asked for a cab to meet her at a convenience store a couple of blocks away.

Investigators say the cab showed up, but Salinas never did.  She seemingly vanished into thin air.

Adrienne had been scheduled to get together with her father that afternoon for Father's Day, but she never showed up there either.  Police say Adrienne and her father were very close, so when she didn't show up, he knew something was wrong.  He reported her missing.

Police had nothing to go on until a couple of months later when Adrienne's badly-decomposed body was found in a wash in Apache Junction, about 30 miles east of Tempe.  Due to the decomposition, there was no way to determine a cause of death.

Detectives say they not only don't know how Adrienne died, they also don't have a clue how she got from Tempe to Apache Junction.  

Lt. Mike Pooley told reporters on Friday that officers have extensively combed Salinas' neighborhood, which is fairly busy at 5:00 on a Sunday morning in June, the approximate time Adrienne was supposed to meet the taxi.  No one reported seeing anything unusual.

Pooley says by giving the case additional publicity on the one-year anniversary, police are hoping they may get more clues that could help solve the case.


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