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Plane Crash Kills Four in Sedona

Plane Crash Kills Four in Sedona

(Fox 10) SEDONA, Ariz. - Four people were killed after a small plane crashed near Sedona on Sunday.

The impact from the crash was so strong that it sparked a brush fire in the area, making it difficult for crews to recover the bodies of two men and two women.

Hikers saw the single engine plane go down in the Fay Canyon area around 3 p.m.

The wreckage sparked a brush fire that eventually grew to 25 acres.

Rescue crews were unable to access the crash site while fire crews worked into the night to contain the blaze.

Fire officials say the flames have died down significantly, but there is still zero percent containment.

About 30 people, including one Hotshot crew, a helicopter and an air attack were working on the area on Monday morning; the FAA and NTSB were expected to be there too.

It's still unclear where that plane was coming from or who was on board when it crashed. Authorities say they don't believe it came from Sedona.

At this point, the FAA has not been able to identify a tail number. 


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